PLA Fiber - Truth and Facts over Misconceptions
GOTS Certified
no offgasing
non toxic

PLA Fiber - Truth and Facts over Misconceptions


What is PLA Fiber?


The PLA Fiber used in our Naturpedic mattresses is Non-GMO batting derived from plant starch. PLA does not contain or off-gas harmful chemicals and is sustainable.

This material is used in high-performance mattresses. PLA is versatile, having been used in both food and biomedical applications. PLA is soft and resilient filling or batting that resists body impressions, making it one of the ideal fibres for high-end or luxury mattresses' sleep surface.


Is PLA Organic?

There is no certified organic PLA although as earlier stated, the PLA in our Naturepedic Mattresses is made from non-GMO plant starch with no off-gassing. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most respected independent certification body for organic, still certifies every product in our factory-made with PLA Fiber.


Why PLA Fiber?

Why Not? Many of our competitors often use the PLA Fiber as a negative, referring to it as a thermoplastic. PLA fibre is resilient to withstand body impressions. It also allows us to offer natural hybrid or organic mattresses without wool if you are worried about allergies to wool or a lifestyle preference, Including Veganism, to better service our customers.

Should you have more questions about PLA or any other topic, please reach out to us any time.



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