Organic Mattress and Sleep Canada is a family-owned and operated business in Canada. OMASC, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, delivers to every major city across Canada daily. In 2015 we expanded operations to the Greater Toronto Area.

Our experienced and professional team has nearly 20 years of experience in the organic mattress industry. We have very carefully partnered with Naturepedic, the most respected mattress and bedding manufacturer of natural and organic mattresses in North America alogn with Ergovea, Naturaworld, Savvy Rest and much more.

We welcome you to visit our online store and talk with our Sleep Solutions Team via Online Chat. Call Our Toll-Free number +1 (855) 751-5755, or Contact Us via Email. Whether your needs are simple or more complex, our passionate team is here to help you find the best pillow, bedding, or mattress solution tailored for your individual needs.